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Capacity development: facilitating the leap from individual learning to sustainable livelihood outcomes

The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish is leading a major initiative to consolidate research and development efforts for a pro-poor transformation of smallholder value chains. This multi-centre research program will make its scientific research relevant by fostering the leap from individual learning to sustainable livelihood outcomes and impacts through an integrated capacity development approach. Continue reading

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Knowledge clearinghouse gives research methods and best practices on value chain performance

Value chain development and assessment is at the heart of the livestock and fish research program. In the past three years, a useful collaboration has been created with the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM) to develop, test and refine various tools a and approaches to our value chain work. The CGIAR … Continue reading

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Research shows more people are drinking milk in Tanzania

ILRI scientists and partners in Tanzania speak out in today’s Tanzania Daily Times explaining that annual per capita milk consumption [in Tanzania] has increased by about 39 per cent from 28 litres to 39 litres. The article reports on the work of the “More Milk in Tanzania” project, that contributes to the program’s dairy value chain development in the country. Continue reading

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Livestock and Fish program consultant assignment: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (closing date 28 August 2014)

Originally posted on ILRI jobs:
The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) seeks to hire a consultant to conduct a comprehensive and analytical literature review of the understanding, production, measurement and monitoring of International Public Goods (IPGs) in a wide range of research and development undertakings. ILRI works with partners worldwide to enhance the roles that…

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Integrating improved feeding practices to enhance reproductive and fattening performance in community-based sheep breeding programs in Ethiopia

ICARDA recently invited livestock breeders, livestock nutritionists and socio-economists from partner research centers in Ethiopia to a consultative workshop to discuss the possibilities of modifying existing feeding strategies in sheep flocks in the context of the ongoing Community-Based Sheep Breeding Program in Ethiopia. Continue reading

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Living from milk: Dairy innovation platform experiences from Tanzania

In recent years the Program in Tanzania – focused on dairy development – is linking up with different local and national stakeholders. One of the most promising partnerships has been with the Tanga Dairy Platform. To learn from the platform’s experiences, we recently produced three photo films telling stories from platform stakeholders. Continue reading