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Livestock and Fish sessions rethinking research pathways to rural poverty

Claire Heffernan challenges participants (image: ILRI\Susan MacMllan)

This week in Addis Ababa, the CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council held its Science Forum 2016 on agricultural research for rural prosperity.

The CGIAR research program on Livestock and Fish is involved in two breakout sessions:

The first, on animal agri-food systems research for poverty reduction, zoomed in on three main impact pathways for livestock research:

  1. Livelihoods and human nutrition: covering household nutrition, local incomes
  2. Strengthening resilience: covering assets to cope with shocks
  3. Generating growth and income: covering value chain incomes, national level food supply, trade.

Read the background paper for more information. A short presentation captures points from the initial short conversation.

The second session looks beyond the program, looking at gender research for rural prosperity. It discusses ways to better integrate gender into research, discussing specific cases, ways that gender accommodative and gender transformative research help achieve poverty reduction and rural prosperity, and ways forward for research in this area. Read the session abstract.



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