Value chain development

The focus of this Component is more downstream, and will provide a setting to integrate our technology generation and adaptation work, improve delivery systems, and develop value chains that promote intensification through new partnerships and innovation capacity – in the context of specific production systems and market settings.

The key component technologies for livestock and fish genetics, feed and health each have their challenges and specificities as to how they can be delivered to their end users. This is where people with specific delivery and institutional skills from the science component will interact and work together to develop integrated approaches (e.g. those with skills in veterinary service delivery, forage and fodder innovation, animal breeding strategies) with specialists in value chain analysis, innovation systems, policy outcomes and livelihood, gender specialists, and knowledge management/capacity development professionals.

Private sector and development agency partners in livestock and fish systems development will also be directly involved.

See the specific value chains where we will work.

News and updates from this component

See reports and documents

Contact: Isabelle Baltenweck, ILRI

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