Pigs / Uganda

Pig production increases rural incomes and assets in Uganda

Curious pig in Uganda raised for saleUganda exhibits the highest consumption per capita of pork of any country in Africa, and is ranked 3rd on the continent in absolute number of pigs. It also appears to be experiencing the most rapid growth. The majority of pigs are typically kept by women in smallholder households under extensive systems with small numbers of peri-urban small-scale, semi-intensive farms and a few larger modern, intensive farms producing for commercial sale.

However, for smallholder farmers to benefit fully from pig production, several obstacles must be overcome: high mortality, low rates of weight gain as compared to industrialized production systems and absence of even minimal health care. Improved feeding, better knowledge of disease risk factors, targeted appropriate veterinary inputs and better access to markets could drastically improve production yields.

More on our work on smallholder pig value chains and in Uganda

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