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Towards a toolkit to analyse livestock and fish value chains

On 18–20 May 2016, a small group of researchers from the International livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and WorldFish working in the Livestock and Fish program participated in a writeshop to consolidate all the different value chain tools produced and used over the past four years into one comprehensive value chain analysis toolkit. The objective is to produce a toolkit- a well-organised set of tools that can be used to identify ‘best bet’ interventions that improve the effectiveness, efficiency and inclusiveness of livestock and fish value chains – that can be adopted by other practitioners in agricultural research for development. Continue reading

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Empowering Tanzania milk traders to transform their businesses

The Tanzania-based MoreMilkiT project has started working with milk traders in Morogoro and Tanga to set up dairy market hubs that will be used to pilot approaches to increase milk production and marketing. Continue reading

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Capacity development for sustainable food security: Role of public private partnerships

Improving value chains performance is high on the agenda of Livestock and Fish country value chain programs. Public-private partnerships can identify stakeholders with a significant interest in value chain programing, allowing for mutual trust building and understanding to accommodate different roles, responsibilities, interests, joint design and co-delivery of research for development work. Continue reading

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Tom Randolph appointed Director of the CGIAR research program on livestock and fish

Dr Tom Randolph has been named Director of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish. The Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Dr Jimmy Smith, made the announcement on Thursday 13 October 2011. ILRI leads this CGIAR research program – which will be collaboratively undertaken with the International Centre for Tropical … Continue reading

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CGIAR Fund Council approves proposal for research program on livestock and fish

At the 5th CGIAR Fund Council Meeting held on 6-8 July 2011 in Washington, DC, the Fund Council approved the CGIAR Research Program (CRP) proposal, More meat, milk and fish by and for the poor (CRP 3.7). The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is the lead centre for this research program. The research program will … Continue reading

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Fish for food and nutrition security

Consumption of milk, meat, eggs and fish (the animal source foods) contributes signifi cantly to preventing undernutrition and achieving nutrition security. For many developing country communities, especially those living close to coastal and inland waters, fish are the dominant animal source food. Accounting for more than 50% of the animal protein in the diet for … Continue reading

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Revised Livestock-Fish research proposal submitted to the CGIAR

Today the Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute submitted a revised proposal ‘More Meat, Milk, and Fish by and for the Poor’ to the CGIAR Consortium. This responded to comments and feedback provided on the initial proposal of September 2010. We expect that the revised proposal will be submitted to the CGIAR Fund … Continue reading

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Review question 3: Should poultry be a priority value chain for the CGIAR Livestock and Fish research program?

Please give us your feedback in the space below The Issue The proposed CGIAR Livestock-Fish research program will focus all of its initial efforts on developing eight pro-poor value chains in seven countries: aquaculture (Uganda); dairying (Tanzania, India); pigs (Uganda, Vietnam); dual dairy-beef (Nicaragua); and goats/sheep (Mali, Ethiopia). These were identified as commodities holding particular … Continue reading

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Review question 2: How best to partner with the private sector in pro-poor livestock and fish value chain development?

Please give us your feedback in the space below In our livestock fish proposal, we highlight our intention to “foster partnerships that harness the respective strengths of research and development partners, including the private sector” (p. iv). This is because, as we note, “increasingly, opportunities are being created to partner with the private sector, tapping … Continue reading