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Aquaculture conference showcases latest technologies

One of the largest aquaculture and aquarium shows in Asia, Aqua Aquaria India 2013, was recently held in Vijayawada, AndhraPradesh, India, from 8 – 10 February. Hosted by the Marine Products Export Development Authority of the Government of India (MPEDA), the event showcased the latest production and marketing technologies in aquaculture and ornamental fish culture … Continue reading

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Multiplying and disseminating improved fish breeds to farmers

A new working paper from WorldFish argues that the availability of genetically more productive fish stock “must progress hand in hand” with refinements in the production systems in which the fish will reared and marketed. The authors indicate there is much “documented evidence about the success of selective breeding in several species,” however they argue … Continue reading

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Iceboxes help women fish retailers find profits

A group of women fish retailers in the Egyptian region of Shakshouk near Fayoum are realizing better profits from the sale of their fish after acquiring iceboxes. Iceboxes help them keep their fish fresh in the market, allowing them to sell more stock each day. The iceboxes were supplied by WorldFish and CARE Egypt as … Continue reading

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Livestock and fish experiences in value chain development shared at conference

Rapid urbanization, growing middle classes, changes in dietary patterns, and population growth have spurred a rising demand for livestock and fish products in global markets and developing countries. This creates an opportunity for demand-led development interventions that have the potential to benefit the 1 billion people whose livelihoods directly or indirectly depend on livestock, and … Continue reading

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Communications planning workshop at WorldFish Egypt increases collaboration for Livestock and Fish

Abbassa, Egypt. Sunday 22 July, 2012. Following a focused two days’ of meetings with Peter Ballantyne and the Addis Ababa communications team, Fiona Chandler, Director of the Communications and Donor Relations Division, and Samuel Stacey, New Media Communications Intern, travelled to the WorldFish office in Cairo to workshop the WorldFish Egypt communications plan. The goals … Continue reading