Dairying / Tanzania

Small-scale dairy options for the poor in Tanzania

Dairy cattle in Amani, TanzaniaDemand and supply projections suggest excellent opportunities exist for significant growth in smallholder dairying in Tanzania.

Small-scale dairy production and marketing benefits the poor in many ways, especially where increasing demand enhances those opportunities as in Tanzania. These include opportunities for intensification and enhanced productivity leading to livelihoods improvement, including through employment, besides nutrition benefits for the poor. It has been estimated that dairy farming generates about 50 full-time wage-labour opportunities per 1,000 litres of milk produced on a daily basis, and up to 20 full-time jobs (17 direct, 3 indirect) per 1,000 litres of milk handled on a daily basis by informal traders.

The main challenge for both research and development will be how to identify and alleviate technological constraints to upgrading and expanding the dairy value chains.

More on our work on smallholder dairy value chains and in Tanzania

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