Gender, learning and impact

Given both women’s existing levels of participation in livestock and fish value chains and the constraints under which they participate, understanding and responding appropriately to the social and economic contexts within which women engage in livestock and aquaculture production, processing and/or sales are central to achieving the program’s goals of poverty reduction and food and nutrition security.

The program’sgender strategy includes approaches that start from a careful understanding of these contexts, and either 1) work within these contexts to improve how women are included, or 2) seek to improve the equity of the social and institutional environments in which value chains function to enhance the range and quality of choices and outcomes poor women and men have within them.

It operates along a continuum of gender integration approaches, from the accommodating to the transformative, and will contribute to understanding under what conditions each approach has the potential to advance chain performance and the outcomes of poor women and other marginalized groups.


ILRI Contact: Alessandra Galie

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