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Livestock and fish gender strategy adopts transformative and accommodating approaches

The program’s gender strategy was formally approved by the CGIAR consortium with effect from May 2, 2013

There is growing recognition of the need to integrate gender in agricultural research and development initiatives. However, questions remain about how to do so to accomplish desired development outcomes.

To increase the productivity, equity and inclusiveness of livestock and aquaculture value chains, enhancing women’s levels of participation in these chains are central to achieving the program’s goals of poverty reduction and food and nutrition security.

The program’s gender strategy operates along a continuum of gender integration approaches, from the accommodating to the transformative, and will contribute to understanding under what conditions each approach has the potential to advance chain performance and the outcomes of poor women and other marginalized groups.

The program approaches gender as both an area of strategic research and as a cross-cutting thematic area that informs and deepens the relevance of other research themes. This dual focus is reflected in the specific outputs of the gender strategy.

I particularly appreciated the strong action orientation of the Strategy and the importance it places on capacity development of partners and value chain actors. In addition, the systematic and thorough mainstreaming of gender research that it describes, starting with your own responsibilities and those of specific value chain leaders, and including coordination and monitoring mechanisms, is very commendable – Anne-Marie Izac, CGIAR Consortium

Download the strategy

ILRI’s AgriGender blog has more on gender and livestock

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