Changes in leadership roles in the Livestock and Fish program

Jimmy Smith director general of the International Livestock Research Institute recently updated partners on some changes in leadership of the program.

“ILRI leads the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish in partnership with three other Centers: WorldFish, CIAT and ICARDA. To recognize and strengthen that partnership, I am pleased to announce three changes in assignments, with immediate effect.

The first is not actually a change in personnel, but rather in affiliation: An Notenbaert will continue as Leader of the Targeting Theme, but as a CIAT scientist rather than an ILRI one.

The second change is the appointment of John Benzie, a fish geneticist at WorldFish, as leader of the Genetics Theme. John recently joined WorldFish while continuing to maintain his appointment at University College Cork (Ireland). His broad range of expertise makes him particularly suited to guide the equally broad ambitions of the program in this area, in close collaboration with Mwai Okeyo and Steve Kemp.

Finally, Tim Robinson will now be taking responsibility as the ILRI focal point for the Targeting Theme.

I want to recognize and thank Okeyo for his good work and commitment in establishing the Livestock and Fish Genetics Theme over the past two years. He continues to play the key role of leading ILRI’s participation in the Theme as our focal point.”

Leadership assignments are summarized in the table below and here.

Livestock and Fish CRP Theme leadership roles from October 2013

Theme Leader ILRI Focal Point


Leading strategy development, activity planning and reporting across the centers. Helps identify and lead partnership and proposal development at CRP level. Takes ILRI’s research interests and strategies to inform CRP planning, while representing CRP interests and strategies to ensure that ILRI research is appropriately framed. Provides CRP perspective to researchers and Program Leaders responsible for developing work plans and budget; monitors implementation; compiles CRP reporting; helps identify and lead partnership and proposal development.
CRP Theme
Animal Health Phil Toye (ILRI) Phil Toye
Animal Genetics John Benzie (WorldFish) Mwai Okeyo
Feed & Forages Michael Blümmel (ILRI) Michael Blümmel
Value Chain Development Acho Okike (ILRI) Acho Okike
Targeting An Notenbaert (CIAT) Tim Robinson
Gender & Learning Kathy Colverson (ILRI) Kathy Colverson

One thought on “Changes in leadership roles in the Livestock and Fish program

  1. Dear Jimmy and colleagues
    I have been following the progress in Livestock and Fish since its inception. I am glad that the process is heading towards long-term impact.This was what the CGIAR forefathers envisioned when the CG was created ! Ahmed

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