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Gender transformative approaches and value chain development

Women in Bangladesh discuss their priorities (image: WorldFish/Mahabubur Rahman)

The current widespread recognition of the importance of integrating gender into development is reflected in the growing prominence of gender strategies for research and development organizations, the emergence of compelling approaches for gender integration, and the development of indicators for tracking performance.

Despite this, there is growing concern that gender needs to be integrated into development in ways that achieve lasting impacts on poverty and hunger. Unless development research and practice address the underlying causes of gender disparities in access to and control over agriculture and other valued resources, sustainable change is unlikely to be achieved.

The lack of significant progress in reducing if not reversing these disparities after decades of research and program intervention highlights the need to test new ‘gender transformative approaches’ (GTA) that address both the fundamental causes and the consequences of gender inequality.

Read more about GTAs in this Livestock and Fish brief authored by Paula Kantor

Read about the Livestock and Fish gender strategy

The Livestock and Fish gender working group meets this week in Addis Ababa

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