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Planning the value chain development component of the Livestock and Fish program

A fisherman and his livestock, Bangladesh. Photo by WorldFish, 2007

A fisherman and his livestock in Bangladesh (Photo credit: WorldFish)

On 5 and 6 December, leaders of the various value chain development projects in the program met to coordinate their plans and priorities across the countries and chains.

The meeting started with situation reports from each of the value chain coordinators: Smallholder pigs in Uganda, smallholder dairy in Tanzania, small ruminants in Ethiopia, small to medium-scale aquaculture in Egypt, smallholder dairy in India, smallholder pigs in Vietnam and smallholder dairy in Honduras and Nicaragua.

As with previous component planning meetings, a review of the component’s log frame formed a big part of the agenda.

Alongside the value chain reports, participants were updated on the rapid value chain assessment toolkit that is supporting ongoing work across the countries. Continuous testing, refinement and documentation of the tools is important now to help build robust methodologies in each of the countries – and to ensure the tool itself becomes a public research good that others can take up.

More on this component and the meeting

Elements of the toolkit (preliminary form)

Value chain community of practice and repository / clearing house of resources

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