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Preliminary findings show that more attention should be given to piggery and food safety in pork in Uganda

Pigs at the Drestry Farm Industry commercial pig farm. Wambizzi Cooperative Society Ltd is a Ugandan piggery cooperative founded in 1971 and is running the only registered pig abattoir in Kampala. Following an invitation by the cooperative’s management to visit the abattoir, Safe Food Fair Food project conducted a qualitative survey on slaughter hygiene in August.

The preliminary findings were presented on 16 Aug 2012, at the premises of Bioversity International who is hosting ILRI in Kampala. Among the 20 participants were the board members of the cooperative including one of the meat inspectors who participated in the survey. Moreover, representatives from the Office of the Vice President, National Livestock Research Institute (NaLIRRI), Makerere University, Uganda National Farmers’ Association, Federation of Uganda Exporters Association (FAUEX), Norwegian Business Center as well as District Veterinary Officers and Livestock Improvement Officers from Masaka had come. The lively discussion that followed showed one more time that piggery as well as pork consumption are relevant in Uganda but not given the necessary attention.

Click below to view the workshop presentations:

Preliminary findings on slaughter hygiene at Wambizzi abattoir

Smallholder Pig Value Chain R4D Projects in Uganda

More on the Safe Food Fair Food project

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3 thoughts on “Preliminary findings show that more attention should be given to piggery and food safety in pork in Uganda

  1. It was interesting to read about the findings related to pork and the general precautions that should be taken. Actually one has to be careful when consuming the meat of an animal.

  2. I am greatly interested in the full report as I intend to start commercial pig farm. I still believe al the stakeholders in the entire supply chain are responsible for the poor hygiene and full time contamination of the final product.

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