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Raising pigs – manuals and other useful resources

Pig rearing is the main focus of two of our value chain projects – in Uganda and Vietnam.

Here we provide links to some useful manuals and guides to raising pigs. Add your resource by clicking the ‘comment’ feature on this post.

Pig keeping in the tropics
‘Pigs and pig keeping in one form or another can be found almost anywhere in the world. Especially of course in country areas it is common for communities to have pigs rooting and roaming freely around the dwellings, to be brought in one day as household needs require. Pig keeping enterprises are also to be found in and around towns and cities, and they play an important role in feeding urban populations.’

Raising Income through Pig Farming: Uganda National Farmer’s Association, farmers guide series
Farmers’ book on improved agricultural technologies with the most up-to-date recommendations in specific disciplines of agriculture. This books is aimed at giving practical guidelines to the farmer on how to manage his or her enterprise profitably for sustainable production.

Training manual on smallholders’ pig management
Manual prepared based on ILRI’s field experience and understanding of pig systems in North East and Central India, especially under the National Agricultural Competitiveness Project (NAIP) and in consultation with wide range of stakeholders.

Training manual on veterinary first aid for pig
Manual developed based on ILRI’s experience and understanding of pig systems in North East and Central India in consultation with wide range of stakeholders. The manual meant to be used by qualified veterinarians who can serve as resource persons to train animal first aid practitoners to serve the community.

National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS): Pig production manual 
From this manual you will find information on, Pig Health and Disease Control; Economics of pig production and marketing; Practical management of Pigs; Pig Waste management; Feeds and feed management; Record Keeping; Pig Housing

10 thoughts on “Raising pigs – manuals and other useful resources

  1. Piggery is a very important activity whenever rural poverty reduction is thought about.

    Our company focus is to offer marketing solutions to all pig farmers. We don’t care which part of Uganda you are found. What we encourage family farms is to get into groups and bulk produce, this makes the work of transportation some how easy for us.

    Our facebook page is also an important source for pig farming information.

  2. Thanks for this great manual. i have just set up a pig farm where am using deep litter bedding, i have discovered that this is better in terms of cleanliness, and so many other advantages.

  3. Am aresidence in Mukoko and iwould like to know and contact for help in constraction of my stay for the project of pig keeping I have started.

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