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ICARDA features its research on livestock

The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), partner in this Livestock and Fish research program recently featured some of its current livestock research activities:

Sheep-barley grazing trials – Barley (grain as well as biomass) is a major source of livestock feed throughout West Asia and North Africa. ICARDA scientists have identified barley varieties for green grazing, with good palatability to livestock and high nutritional value.

Dairy processing and product quality – hanklish, made from goat or sheep milk, is a popular traditional cheese in the Middle East. ICARDA researchers are developing simple modifications to the traditional processing method, to improve product quality.

More fodder for livestock – Forage legumes provide high-protein fodder for livestock, and improve soil fertility through nitrogen fixation. ICARDA scientists are developing dual-purpose varieties of field pea (Pisum sativus) suitable for low-rainfall areas.

Dairy goat project improves women’s welfare in Afghanistan – Goat husbandry offers a good entry point for rural development interventions in Afghanistan for two reasons – goats are a major source of livelihoods, and are generally owned by women. An IFAD-funded project introduced simple technologies to improve dairy goat production.

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