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Feedback: Relevant criteria for deciding where to focus?

We sought comments on the question: Do you think that the criteria used for deciding where to focus the Mega Program are the most essential and relevant? What specific criterion you feel is non-essential or is missing.

Results from the survey:


Strongly agree: 28.9%     Agree:    55.6%                 Disagree: 6.7%    Strongly disagree: 0%        No opinion: 8.9%

Contributors to the blog generally agreed with the criteria, but identified additional ones to consider:

  • Potential contribution to post-conflict situations
  • Connectedness within the region: ease of cross-border movement and relations with other countries
  • Needs to be people-centered: where are there pockets of development of specific activities?
  • Overall significance of the specific value chain in GDP
  • Socio-political dimension and country development program in the country
  • Innovation capacity
  • Governance, such as for service delivery
  • Nutritional value
  • Potential for impacts from scientific advances

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