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Feedback: Good process for deciding focus?

We sought comments on the question: Do you think that the process used for deciding where to focus the Mega Program efforts is sufficiently reasoned and evidence-based (assuming that we now compile the data to support the choices)?  How can the process be improved or further strengthened.

Results from the survey:


Strongly agree: 27.3%     Agree:    54.5%                 Disagree: 9.1%    Strongly disagree: 0%        No opinion: 9.1%

Contributors to the blog generally supported the approach. One cited the example of the rapid growth of aquaculture in Uganda

Some concerns:

About the process—

  • ILRI study not available, so unable to evaluate degree of consultation
  • Did ILRI study consider fish? Was it consistent with nutrition objective of MP?
  • Selection used top-down approach – whose rationality?
  • Why compile data after choice is made?
  • More evidence needed to sharpen process

About the choices–

  • Lack of balance between countries and commodities
  • Lack of potential for scaling out from India
  • Too few fish value chains
  • Potential overlap with MP2 and MP4
  • Include dual purpose cattle
  • Who deals with protecting rangelands? Pastoral systems?
  • Need to involve China because of capacity and huge scaling out potential
  • Budget will be low for such ambitions

To strengthen the process:

  • Clarify how are filters weighted
  • Consider national institutional capacity, particularly of private sector
  • Clarify roles of other partners
  • ‘Humanize’ the projects

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