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Call for contributions: conference on improving tools for livestock and fish value chains in East Africa

From 9-11 September 2013, the CGIAR research programs on ‘policies, institutions and markets’ and ‘livestock and fish’ will organize a first AgriFood Chain Toolkit conference in Kampala.

The AgriFood chain toolkit of the CGIAR Research program on Policies, institutions and markets was launched in January 2013. This online platform on agrifood value chains is designed to help overcome the information gaps between researchers analyzing value chains and practitioners developing value chains. Both often lack access to the latest information and tools on value chains. There is still need for greater rigour in analysis and better peer feedback. Finally, tool designers need to engage purposefully with tool users.

To help crystallize the potential of the online network into real-world activities, the AgriFood chain toolkit will organize regular real-world conferences designed to collate, synthesize and share good practices of value chain tool users, practitioners and researchers.

The objective of the conference is to enable a limited number of researchers and practitioners to review and assess value chain approaches together so that they may be improved for a better fit with local field contexts.

If you are interested in attending, you may submit several types of contributions to the conference:

1. Story telling: A story about livestock and fish value chains in Eastern Africa to tell and discuss with other participants;
2. Peer-assist: A problem linked to livestock and fish value chain development or capacity building in Eastern Africa to share with your peers so as to collect good advice from them;
3. Value chain analysis or capacity building tool: A poster or test workshop to present your value chain analysis or capacity building tool that is relevant to livestock and fish value chains in Eastern Africa.

How to contribute:

Select the type of contribution.

Under a title you have chosen, identify between three to five key points that explain the main issues relating to your problem. For each point, write a short paragraph explaining the point further. The whole definition of your contribution should not take more than one page.

On the second page, provide a short résumé of your company or project including:
• Name and start-up date;
• Number of employees or project beneficiaries;
• Main products produced;
• Location;
• Your contact details.

Copy-paste your two-page contribution idea and résumé to the online survey.

A limited number of participation slots will be available for value chain researchers and practitioners working on other commodities and in other regional contexts so as to share experiences. If you would like to be considered for one of these slots, please write a short paragraph of not more than 300 words on who you are, why you would like to attend this meeting, what you would contribute and what you would bring back to your own work environment. Please contribute this to the online survey here.

Stay informed, join the Discussion: http://dgroups.org/cta/lf2m/agrifoodchaintoolkit

More information from Jo Cadilhon

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