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Livestock and Fish program participates in ASARECA general assembly

At the recently concluded 2nd ASARECA General Assembly held from 9-13 Dec 2013 in Burund, a combined booth for the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) facilitated by the Livestock and Fish CGIAR Research Program showcased various research products from the CRPs.

The exhibit showcased the Livestock and Fish research work with a special focus of the value chain activities in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt.

Partnership is an important component of the program whose aim is to achieve impact at scale through working with local and development partners. The exhibit promoted the programs research to sensitive ASARECA participants of the program’s agenda and activities, and enable new partnership opportunities to these value chains. The booth provided information and materials to participants on the various ongoing research and opportunities to team up with various country partners was also provided.

The collaborative research of the Livestock and Fish, Roots, Tubers and Bananas and Humidtropics, CGIAR Research Programs was show cased at the booth. This research showed the synergies within the CGIAR consortium and how these synergies can have great impact in agriculture. In brief, this collaboration is ‘implementing research to examine whether sweetpotato can play a more significant role in livestock production in East Africa, under what conditions it can play such a role, where it could make the most noteworthy contribution, and what research and development activities need to be carried out to realize this potential’. See the poster:

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