Communication, data and knowledge

The integration of data management, knowledge management, information sharing, communications and advocacy across the Program is an essential way to achieve the necessary synergies and collective action for the program to have impact.

10 communication and KM principles

1. The knowledge we generate will be open and public
2. We value the knowledge of our clients and partners
3. We publish and communicate using multiple formats for multiple purposes
4. We support knowledge collecting, connecting and conversing
5. Face‐to‐face communication is as important as other more explicit communication channels
6. Advocacy is everyone’s responsibility
7. Communication inextricably linked to outcomes
8. Internal communication is part of our communication strategy
9. Partnerships are key to impact
10. We will innovate in the ways we share knowledge and use ICTs.

In this area, the program works in five intervention areas. The first two directly support the two main themes of the program; the others help achieve the program’s wider internal and external communication and learning intentions and its commitment to making knowledge and data widely available and accessible in perpetuity. In summary, the five intervention areas and their overall outcomes are:

  • Connecting and powering value chain development. Overall outcome: Communication tools, methodologies and approaches reinforce efforts of key actors within the 9 target value chains to identify and address innovation needs and to access and use appropriate technologies, institutional strategies and knowledge
  • Enabling technology development. Overall outcome: The results/evidence of technology development activities are published as international public goods and adapted/transformed as required for optimal re-use by VCD partners.
  • Communicating and learning across the Program. Overall outcome: Partners in the program are supported by and using a range of tailored communication and knowledge sharing tools, approaches and methodologies.
  • Communicating for wider impact. Overall outcome: Targeted stakeholders beyond the program are aware of its focus, emerging results and insights, and they are encouraged and influenced by the evidence presented to take up, as necessary adapt and put the program’s results into use.
  • Dealing with data. Overall outcome: Data collected and produced by the program components is properly documented, archived and published to maximize its wide accessibility and re-use by others.


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