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New community animal health platforms to guide participatory improvement of livestock in four regions of Mali

Four community animal health platforms (CAHPs) have been formed to harness collective action in addressing animal health and livestock value constraints in four regions of Mali. Continue reading

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Mali workshop trains veterinarians to manage endemic livestock diseases

Twenty-seven veterinary officers and animal health workers in Sikasso, Mopti and Timbuktu in Mali have acquired new skills in managing endemic livestock diseases after taking part in a training workshop led by ILRI and other partners. Continue reading

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Transforming cassava peel waste to quality feeds fast-tracked by private sector in Nigeria

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Ibadan, Nigeria, recently developed a technology to process fresh cassava peels into high quality cassava peel products with better shelf life and nutrient profiles acceptable to the feed industry. The activity is an outcome of a multi-centre CGIAR collaboration including ILRI, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) … Continue reading

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Rapport de l’atelier sur le Programme de développement des chaines de valeur des petits ruminants au Burkina Faso

Les 16 et 17 décembre 2013 s’est tenu à Ouagadougou un atelier sur le Programme de Développement des Chaines de Valeur des Petits Ruminants au Burkina Faso. L’atelier avait pour objectif de partager avec les acteurs des chaines de valeur des petits ruminants et les partenaires de recherche et du développement du Burkina Faso, les informations relatives aux Programmes Elevage et Pèche et a celui des chaines de valeur des petits ruminants, de repérer les partenaires potentiels afin d’engager des discussions sur leur futur rôle dans ce programme. Il fallait aussi au cours de cet atelier faire le choix préliminaire des sites dans lesquels les activités de recherche vont être menées. Continue reading

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Developing a cassava-based livestock feed system in Africa

The government of Nigeria has initiated a ‘cassava transformation plan ‘to create a new generation of cassava farmers, oriented towards commercial production to generate a surplus dedicated to specific value-added chains. The overarching aim is to turn the cassava sector in Nigeria into a major player in local and international flour, starch, sweeteners, ethanol, and … Continue reading

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Genetics project tackles peri-urban dairy systems in Senegal

The Finnish Government recently approved a new project part of the ‘Livestock and Fish’ research program of the CGIAR. Led by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the three-year project aims to improve food and nutritional security through better utilisation of dairy cattle breed or cross-breed types in Senegal. The specific objectives are to: Determine … Continue reading