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Egypt aquaculture value chain development: Past trends, current status and likely future directions

A situation analysis report for Egypt provides a situational analysis of the aquaculture value chain conducted in 2013/2014. It deals with the conditions within which the farmed fish value chain operates in Egypt and the general trends that exist in the environment. Continue reading

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Value chain analysis of the Egyptian aquaculture feed industry

This WorldFish study aims to assess the status of the fish feed sector in Egypt, with an emphasis on: mapping and understanding fish feed value chains, describing the main actors and stakeholders within the chain, assessing value chain performance, identifying major strengths and weakness of the sector, and suggesting appropriate actions, management and development strategies. Continue reading

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Egyptian fish farmers target for aquaculture training videos

A series of high quality aquaculture training videos, designed to teach Egyptian fish farmers the industry’s best management practices, has recently been released. Produced by WorldFish, an international non-profit research organization, the 10 short videos are being used to train local fish farmers in the most effective ways to boost the production and quality of … Continue reading

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Egyptian aquaculture innovation platform plans for further growth in the sector

Organized by WorldFish, an international research organization, the two-day Innovation Platform meeting, on 19 and 20 February is planned in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation under the ‘Improving Employment and Income through Development of Egypt’s Aquaculture Sector (IEIDEAS) project. Continue reading

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Improving the working conditions of women fish retailers in Egypt

Women fish retailers in rural Egypt operate under difficult conditions that make the job one of last resort. A WorldFish and CARE project is testing approaches that can improve their employment conditions with the aim of maintaining, and potentially expanding, current employment levels and increasing earnings. Continue reading

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Egyptian aquaculture thrives during political turmoil

Despite the recent political unrest that has affected much of the country, Egyptian aquaculture is a great success story. Production reached almost one million tons in 2011, representing an average consumption of about one fish per person per week. A recent report for the project “Improving Employment and Income through the Development of Egypt’s Aquaculture … Continue reading

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Assessing food safety and food nutrition in food chains: A rapid integrated assessment project

Putting enough food on the table is a daily challenge faced by households around the world. Ensuring that the food contains enough protein and essential micronutrients is a further consideration, and animal products, such as fish and meat from livestock can go a long way to improving the diets of the world’s poor. In addition, … Continue reading

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Egypt research on tilapia aquaculture reports improved results through genetic improvements

The importance of aquaculture production in Egypt has been increasing rapidly in the past decade, especially tilapia aquaculture, which accounts for about 55 per cent of the total aquaculture production in the country. To meet the growing population needs for animal protein, Egypt has to realize the potential to further increase tilapia aquaculture production. Recent … Continue reading

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Communications planning workshop at WorldFish Egypt increases collaboration for Livestock and Fish

Abbassa, Egypt. Sunday 22 July, 2012. Following a focused two days’ of meetings with Peter Ballantyne and the Addis Ababa communications team, Fiona Chandler, Director of the Communications and Donor Relations Division, and Samuel Stacey, New Media Communications Intern, travelled to the WorldFish office in Cairo to workshop the WorldFish Egypt communications plan. The goals … Continue reading

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Value-chain analysis of Egyptian aquaculture

The aquaculture sector makes a significant contribution to income, employment creation and food security of Egypt. Despite this, the economic performance of the sector is not well understood or documented. This report from the WorldFish Center presents the outputs of a value-chain study of the sector. It provides quantitative and qualitative information about financial performance, … Continue reading