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Journey starts to an improved vaccine to control East Coast fever

On 27-29 January 2014, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) campus in Kenya hosted discussions on ways to ‘wrestle’ the African cattle disease known as East Coast fever to the ground.

Experts from the fields of East Coast fever research, bovine immunology, parasitology and genomics met to discuss how to develop a new-generation vaccine to protect cattle from this lethal disease. A new ‘subunit’ vaccine could better control this disease that is causing farmers distress and uncertainty in countries of eastern, central and southern Africa where it is now endemic. Continue reading

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Participatory assessment of animal health constraints and husbandry practices in the Ugandan pig production system

From 25 to 29 August 2013, the 14th International Conference of the Association of Institutions for Tropical Veterinary Medicine (AITVM) was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The animal health work on the Ugandan pig value chains was presented by Michel Dione, postdoctoral scientist under the smallholder pig value chain development project and Kristina Rosel, joint … Continue reading

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Documenting disease prevalence in the Uganda pig value chain

A disease prevalence survey in Uganda’s Masaka, Mukono and Kamuli districts was recently undertaken by a team of ILRI researchers and postgraduate students from Makerere University. Led by Michel Dione, a post-doctoral fellow with the Smallholder Pig Value Chains Development (SPVCD) project, the activity contributes to the joint efforts of the SPVCD and Safe Food … Continue reading