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The value of knowledge in rural development – ‘I also have a right to decide.’

Increasing the productivity of small-scale production systems to make animal-source foods more readily available to poor consumers is a complex issue which requires a multi-faceted approach. With this concept in mind, scientists are working alongside territorial alliances to generate knowledge and initiatives to improve resource management through research. An example of this initiative, called the Learning Alliance. Continue reading

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Tropical forage-based systems for climate-smart livestock production in Latin America

Writing in the November 2014 issue of Rural 21, Livestock and Fish researchers from CIAT argue that tropical forage grasses and legumes as key components of sustainable crop-livestock systems in Latin America and the Caribbean have major implications for improving food security, alleviating poverty, restoring degraded lands and mitigating climate change. Continue reading

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Forages project wins 2014 CGIAR-US university linkages proposal through Livestock and Fish program

‘Sustainable intensification of crop-livestock systems through improved forages’ is this year’s CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish and US university linkages winning proposal. ‘The core of the cooperation with Washington State University is to calibrate CropSyst for selected forages, support ongoing work on adding inter-cropping to the functionalities of CropSyst and apply it in case studies in Southern Africa. Continue reading

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Adapting and adopting improved animal feeding systems in Southeast Asia

Until recently, livestock husbandry in  Vietnam’s Central Highlands was not very productive. Animals were intermittently sold to free-up cash to put towards weddings or large purchases, and the rest of the time they were left free to graze on native pasture and crop residues. To help revitalize these livestock systems, researchers at CIAT have been … Continue reading

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Ethiopia livestock feeds project tests tools to guide feed interventions

On May 28-29, 2012 the Ethiopian Livestock Feeds Project held a synthesis workshop at ILRI in Addis Ababa. The project team, including the core partners from the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research and the Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute, had been working together to refine various tools including FEAST, Techfit and a simple value chain … Continue reading

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Devising successful feed interventions in Ethiopia – ILRI project identifies promising tools

Last week, the International Livestock Research Institute convened a synthesis workshop of the ‘fodder and feed in livestock value chains in Ethiopia’ project. Funded by the the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), this short project aimed to develop and refine tools for the rapid assessment of feed resources – that will allow effective … Continue reading

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Improving forage-based feeding systems in the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam development triangle

In 2011, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) agreed to fund a project on improvements to forage-based feeding systems in the border provinces of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam – an area referred to as the the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) development triangle. The project is implemented by CIAT with support from ILRI. It focuses on improving … Continue reading