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Writeshop to synthesize Livestock and Fish experiences mainstreaming gender

Women clean fish to provide nutritious food

From 4-8 April 2016, the program’s gender initiative is convening a writeshop of scientists and gender specialists to bring together results and lessons learned in the past 18 months.

Thirteen ’coached’ projects are participating, drawn from all the program’s flagships, CGIAR partners and several countries.

  • Mapping gender dimensions: towards gender sensitive geographical targeting and scaling out
  • Evaluating best-bet intervention in contrasting L&F value chains in sub Saharan Africa in a gender differentiated manner: from household to intra household level patterns
  • A methodological framework for the collection and analysis of producer level gender-disaggregated value-chain data
  • Differential gender impacts of animal diseases in small ruminant production in Ethiopia
  • Gender dimensions of pig management in the smallholder pig production systems in Uganda: case of control of African Swine Fever
  • Mainstreaming gender in feed and fodder interventions in “MoreMilkIT” sites in Tanzania
  • Engendering FEAST – the feed assessment tool
  • Traditional breeding practices of Somali women and men livestock keepers – see blogpost
  • Gender issues in cattle genetics research in Nicaragua – see blogpost
  • Designing and piloting gender integrated/gender transformative best-bets in the Bangladesh fish value chain
  • Gender in designing and implementing smallholder pig value chain hub models in Uganda
  • Gender analysis of Bangladesh fish feed value chain leading to action research to overcome gender based constraints to women’s participation
  • Assessing the level of participation of smallholder women and men non-producer actors in the dairy value chain in Kenya and Uganda

The writeshop outputs will be a book published later in 2016; in April, initial experiences of several of these initiatives will be highlighted on this web site.

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