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More milk in Tanzania – mid-term update reports progress and lessons

For the past several years, the International Livestock Research Institute has worked closely with Sokoine University of Agriculture, Heifer International, Faida Faida Market Linkages, the Tanzania Dairy Board and other partners in a project to identify entry points, generate evidence and pilot interventions for inclusive upgrading of smallholder dairy value chains in Tanzania.

The project mid-term update documents progress and lessons learned so far, covering:

  • Farmer mobilization and preparation to participate in dairy market hubs
  • Ensuring dairy market hubs respond to the demand for inputs and services
  • Nurturing multi stakeholder innovation platforms
  • Assessing the performance of emerging dairy market hubs
  • Control of milk revenues by gender
  • Household participation in marketing innovations
  • Credit access and utilization
  • Informing policy on smallholder value chains in dairy sector development.

Alongside the update, a short note gives an update on dairy income results from baseline and monitoring surveys in the project.

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