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Contribute to the development of a new CGIAR livestock research program

In 2012, the CGIAR established different research programs, including this one on Livestock and Fish.

This year, CGIAR centres and partners are developing a portfolio of second phase ‘agri-food system’ research programs.

As part of this process, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) is leading development of a phase 2 livestock Agri-food Systems research program proposal.

Building on past work in the Livestock and Fish and other programs, ILRI and its partners have identified the core elements of the new proposal.

We need your assistance to help us sharpen our focus!

We have set up a consultation website – – where we hope you will give us some smart feedback.

How does it work?

  1. Please go to the site:
  2. We have published short summaries of different key elements of the proposal
  3. For each, we have identified a critical question or two where we seek your input.
  4. We will synthesize and react to the various questions as best we can.
  5. The first round is mainly on the focus and research agenda of the Program; round two looks at critical delivery approaches (such as gender, capacity development, etc).

Many thanks in advance for sharing your inputs!

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