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Mapping the Tanzanian dairy industry: Farming systems, infrastructure and natural resources

Community members in Lushoto carrying out participatory mapping

With a concerted effort to improve livelihoods through the Tanzanian dairy industry, there is a need to understand the current state of the industry and related environmental resources, and how these may change as the industry develops.

In a series of workshops, industry stakeholders recently gathered to map the location of dairy farming systems, prominent farms, dairy industry infrastructure and natural resources. Stakeholders then worked through scenarios of how the industry could develop over a 10 year time horizon – mapping the associated changes.

These workshops are detailed in two documents, one focused on the Tanga region and another focused on Morogoro and surrounding districts, with translations available in Kiswahili. The maps have been made publicly available through the ILRI geoportal.

Story by Simon Fraval

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