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Guiding the Livestock and Fish gender capacity assessment and development process

APM 2013: GenderIn 2014, the International Livestock Research Institution (ILRI) undertook a survey with partners in targeted Livestock and Fish CGIAR Research Program value chains in four countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Nicaragua) to ascertain their gaps in gender capacity related to integrating gender into agricultural programming. In all four countries, the primary obstacles to integrating gender included lack of financial resources, lack of staff training and lack of appropriate gender tools. The results from the survey motivated the Livestock and Fish Program to commission a more systematic gender capacity assessment.

The gender capacity assessment and development guide for the CGIAR research program on livestock and fish has now been published.

The objective of the gender capacity assessment and development guide is to guide the process of analyzing the current gender capacities against desired future gender capacities of the program’s partners in four value chain countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Nicaragua), and to subsequently design tailor-made capacity development interventions per country.

Gender capacity assessment (CA) is a key step because it:

  1. Identifies gender capacity gaps along the value chain
  2. Fosters a discussion around priorities for actions in the context of specific impact pathways
  3. Identifies opportunities for investments and leveraging capacity development activities with partners
  4. Provides a starting point for the formulation of a gender capacity development responses
  5. Establishes baselines and indicators for capturing learning, measuring, monitoring, and evaluating progress in capacity development
  6. Supports comparative analyses of gender capacities across value chains and countries

The results of the assessments should lead to the formulation of capacity development responses so as to increase the ability of the different Livestock and Fish Program partners to effectively and efficiently perform functions, solve problems, and set and achieve objectives in a gender responsive manner.

The guide aims to facilitate gender capacity assessment and development of ILRI’s research and developmental partners who currently support joint delivery of outputs of the Livestock and Fish Program or who could be potentially involved.

The guide which has been developed with Transition International and the International Livestock Research Institution (ILRI).

Download the guide

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