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Livestock and Fish Independent External Evaluation holds inception meeting in Kenya

The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish evaluation team

The Livestock and Fish programs external evaluation team

The Livestock and Fish program’s external evaluation, managed by the Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA), kicked off with an inception meeting in Kenya from 1-7 February. The evaluation team is composed of experts with a broad range of experience. The team is led by Brian Perry, a veterinarian and epidemiologist and includes: an expert on livestock policy (Anni Mc Leod), animal genetics and organizational development (Ed Rege), social, institutional and policy aspects of livestock development (John Morton), fish genetics and aquaculture (Rex Dunham), animal nutrition (Peter Udén) and governance and management (Felix von Sury).

The evaluation team was joined by Rachel Bedouin, head of IEA and Sophie Zimm, IEA evaluation analyst, which began with an internal meeting outside of Nairobi to discuss the inception report and together develop the approach and methodology of the evaluation. Afterwards they spent three days at the ILRI campus, where they met with ILRI senior management as well as Livestock and Fish program management unit and research leaders. The meetings at ILRI provided an opportunity for getting a better overview of the program, and assisted in refining the scope and methods to address the specific aspects of the CGIAR Research Program.

The team is scheduled to finalize the inception report by mid-March, to be followed by the inquiry phase (scheduled to be completed by end of August), which will include field visits, documentation review, interviews and a survey of Livestock and Fish researchers. The evaluation will review the overall portfolio of the program in addition to selected case studies and in-depth analysis of important aspects of the program.

For more information on the evaluation visit: Independent Evaluation Arrangement or contact Sophie Zimm (sophie.zimm(at)

 Article contributed by Keith Child and Sophie Zimm

You can learn more about the Livestock and Fish program Independent External Evaluation(IEA) on the Livestock and Fish Independent External Evaluation page or follow my blog posts on the Livestock and Fish website.

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