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Independent Evaluation Arrangement evaluation of Livestock and Fish program

The Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) Office of CGIAR is responsible for System-level Independent External Evaluations, through strategic evaluations of CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and institutional elements of CGIAR.

The evaluation of the Livestock and Fish CGIAR Research Program is one of several CRP evaluations which the IEA is currently conducting. Led by a fully independent evaluation team, with quality assurance and management by IEA, the purpose of the forward-looking evaluation is to inform decision-making by the Livestock and Fish management, funders and partners. It aims to enhance the program’s performance and likelihood of achieving its program objectives of increasing productivity and performance of small‐scale livestock and fish production systems and related value chains.

The evaluation will cover all the Livestock and Fish research activities, including projects supported by bilateral and unrestricted funding (W1/2). This includes both past transferred research (pre-CRP) that has continued relevance to the outcomes of the program, as well as new “CRP driven” research.

The two main focus areas of the evaluation are:

  • Research/programmatic performance, including the program design and results
  • Organizational performance, covering efficiency and effectiveness related to CRP governance and management structures.

The evaluation is scheduled to take place between October 2014 and December 2015 and will encompass document review, interviews, field visits and surveys. The inception report, scheduled to be completed in February 2015, will present a “road map” for the evaluation and outline the evaluation approach and methods to be used. It will also present a plan for engaging stakeholders and communicating findings and evaluation results.

An Evaluation Reference Group has been set up to engage key stakeholders and to act as a “sounding board” to provide views and inputs at important stages, including the inception report, preliminary findings, and draft report. It includes eight members, representing the program management, the Science and Partnership Advisory Committee, ILRI Board of Trustees, as well as external partners.

The independent evaluation team is led by Professor Brian Perry, veterinary surgeon by profession and epidemiologist by specialization, with over 44 years’ experience as an international development scientist. He is supported by a team of subject matter experts who will cover the different Livestock and Fish Program research themes.

For further information on this evaluation, please contact IEA Evaluation Analyst, Sophie Zimm (

More information, including the TORs, is available on the IEA website

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