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Update on Livestock and Fish smallholder pigs value chain activities in Vietnam

On 25 and 26 September, ILRI staff and national partners met to review and plan activities to transform the smallholder pig value chain in Vietnam.

The group were updated on the overall progress of the program; they reviewed and updated earlier work on impact pathways and they discussed ways to intensify collaboration and partnership. Most time was spent on a rapid diagnosis of drivers and challenges to pig value chain development and planning interventions for the coming years. The diagnosis and planning was organized around the technology priorities of the program – animal health (and food safety), genetics and breeding, and animal feeding. Additional attention was given to cross-cutting work on value chain development, scaling activities, gender, and environment.

Lucy Lapar, ILRI value chain leader gave an update of progress so far in the value chain development program:


See group photo

More information on Livestock and Fish program events and workshops

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