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Livestock and Fish external evaluation update 4 – Writing up and reporting

Field work has concluded for the Livestock and Fish CRP Commissioned External Evaluation on its Value Chain approach.

The Evaluation Team wrapped-up field work in Nairobi on Monday, 15 September with a workshop for program staff during which they presented some of their observations. The Nairobi workshop marked the end of a month of field work in four different L&F Value Chain countries, including Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Egypt.

Over the coming weeks, the Evaluation Team will be working on production of the Draft Evaluation Report. The draft report will be submitted to the Evaluation Manager on Wednesday, 15 October and will then be immediately forwarded for comment to CRP stakeholders, including the Evaluation Reference Group, the CRP Management, SPAC and the ILRI IMC. The draft report will also be posted to the L&F website and responses will be invited from all other stakeholders.

The deadline to receive responses from all groups is Sunday, 26 October.

A Finalized Evaluation Report is expected by Saturday, 01 November. The finalized report will be made available to all stakeholders, including the CRP Management who must respond in writing to each recommendation made in the report.

The response to the recommendations from the CRP Management are to be presented in an Action Matrix by Friday, 14 November.

At this stage, the Action Matrix is merely a draft, and will be scrutinized by the Evaluation Reference Group. The Action Matrix is not finalized until it is confirmed by ILRI management, which is expected to happen sometime toward the end of November.

Key Dates:
15 October 2014 — Draft Evaluation Report is submitted to EM by the Lead Evaluator
26 October 2014 – Deadline to receive all written responses to draft
31 October 2014 – The Finalized Evaluation Report is submitted to the EM, who immediately forwards it to the CRP Director, PPMC, ERG, ECB, SPAC, IEA and posts it to the L&F Wiki; the IEA will also post it to their website;
14 November 2014 – The draft Action Matrix is received by the ERG
21 November 2014 – Deadline for the ERG response to the draft Action Matrix
Approximately 28 November 2014 – ILRI institutional management committee endorses the Action Matrix or ask for revisions

Learn more about the CGIAR Research Programs (CRP) CEE on the Livestock and Fish external evaluation page or follow my blog posts on the Livestock and Fish website.

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