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Capacity development: facilitating the leap from individual learning to sustainable livelihood outcomes

Capacity development supported by CGIAR can help agriculturalists in developing countries discover and develop their own expertise and confidence. But it is through capacity development interventions in, and by, whole communities and (local) organizations in these countries that most potently translate actions into meaningful reductions in poverty, food insecurity and environmental degradation.

The CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish is leading a major initiative to consolidate research and development efforts for a pro-poor transformation of smallholder value chains. The idea is to help smallholders intensify and commercialize their agriculture. This multi-centre research program, which focuses on promising livestock and fish value chains in Latin America, Asia and Africa, will make its scientific research relevant by fostering the leap from individual learning to sustainable livelihood outcomes and impacts through an integrated capacity development approach paying particular attention to gender issues and women’s empowerment.

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