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Webinar – improving the productivity and environmental performance of aquaculture

On World Environment Day (June 5), the World Resources Institute (WRI), WorldFish, the World Bank, INRA, and Kasetsart University will release the newest installment of the 2013–14 World Resources Report: Creating a Sustainable Food Future, “Improving Productivity and Environmental Performance of Aquaculture.”

This working paper examines the implications of doubling aquaculture production between now and 2050, and offers recommendations to ensure that aquaculture growth contributes to a sustainable food future.

On 5 June, the World Resources Institute hosts a presentation and discussion in Washington DC with three of the paper’s authors, Richard Waite (WRI), Michael Phillips (WorldFish), and Randall Brummett (World Bank).

WHEN: Thursday, June 5 from 10:00–11:30 AM (EDT)

The discussion will include:
• The challenge of sustainably feeding more than 9 billion people by 2050
• Trends in fisheries and aquaculture, with a focus on aquaculture’s growth potential
• Results from a new life cycle assessment by WorldFish and Kasetsart University that estimates environmental impacts of aquaculture in 2050 under several growth scenarios
• Case studies of improvements in aquaculture productivity and environmental performance from around the world
• Recommendations to accelerate further gains in productivity and environmental performance of aquaculture

Sign up for the webinar

The global food challenge explained in 18 graphics

Background information and link to the working paper (it is embargoed to 5 June)

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