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Livestock and Fish external evaluation update 2 – planning the CCEE

Since my first update on the implementation of our first CRP Commissioned External Evaluation (CCEE), we have made significant progress towards implementation.

First, the CCEE budget enjoyed an unexpected boost from $US 75,000 to $US 100,000.  The increase in funding is necessary given the scope of the evaluation (four value chains) and the nature of the evaluation questions. The funding increase is also regarded by the program as an investment in the upcoming Independent External Evaluation (IEE) that is scheduled for 2015.

Second, the Evaluation Reference Group (ERG) vetted a short list of 6 CVs for the position of lead evaluator.  We have now identified Doyle Baker as our preferred candidate and we hope to confirm his role in the very near future.  Doyle was formerly with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and has enjoyed a celebrated career.  For those who are interested, Doyle Baker’s CV can be downloaded from the Livestock and Fish wiki .

Doyle and I have been discussing tentative dates for the CCEE. Over the next few weeks we hope to firm up the dates below and will make a formal announcement of the CCEE timeframe.

Location Time frame Activity
Kenya 23-31 Jul present and revise inception report; key informant interviews; meetings with evaluation support team
Ethiopia 31-9 Aug startup meeting; review small ruminants value chain
Uganda 9-16 Aug review smallholder pigs value chain
Tanzania 16-23 Aug review smallholder dairy value chain
Egypt 9-14 Aug review consumption and nutrition of the small medium-scale aquaculture value chain
Egypt 25-28 Aug review small medium-scale aquaculture value chain
29 Aug-3 Sept finalize draft report; present and discuss report

You can learn more about the CCEE on the Livestock and Fish external evaluation page or follow my blog posts on the Livestock and Fish website.

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