Livestock and Fish planning and management committee meets in Penang

Earlier this month WorldFish hosted the 9th Program Planning and Management Committee (PPMC) meeting at their headquarters in Penang.

Committee members reviewed a number of pending matters, including:

  1. Strengthening our gender agenda: we need to strengthen our human and financial resources for implementing our gender strategy, especially for supporting the gender dimensions of technology development and adoption in our value chains. Each centre will be reallocating resources to address this, and we will be asking the gender team to review their staffing strategy.
  2. Our strategy for allocating USD3.1 million in supplementary CGIAR and bilateral funding this year: some will be disbursed directly to the four partner centres for additional activities this year, some to strategic investments in our partnerships and gaps in capacity, and some to a competitive call to support our work in value chains and across Consortium Research Programs (CRPs).
  3. Taking forward partnership ambitions with Wageningen University Research and the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU): the recent roundtable consultation with Wageningen UR was very positive, we further discussed the options for the partnership arrangements to pursue.
  4. A reflection on our program model: we have been managing the program as a federative model which recognizes that the partner centres consider the Livestock and Fish program as a mechanism for implementing their respective mandates and research agenda, and so relies heavily on the researchers across the centres to shape the agenda to meet the agreed objectives. While we consider our federative model to be working well, we challenged ourselves to continue monitoring whether we are ensuring it performs well from a results-based management and value-for-money perspective.

This was Malcolm Beveridge’s last meeting as he retires from WorldFish this month. Malcolm was instrumental in designing the program and has served on the PPMC as the aquaculture science leader since it began. We appreciate him for his valuable inputs and perspectives, and wish him the best.

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