Livestock and Fish value for money poster for CGIAR knowledge day

On 5 November, the frst CGIAR ‘Knowledge Day’ was held in Nairobi. It was organized by ILRI and ICRAF on behalf of the CGIAR Fund Council, Consortium Office and Consortium member centers.

Entitled ‘Value for Money Propositions: How CGIAR research programs contribute to system-level outcomes, with a focus on gender’, the event aimed to shine a spotlight on the work done in the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). An invited audience took stock of results and progress, examined the value for money propositions of the CRPs and generally sought to give CGIAR investors an insight into the results of their investments.

Each CGIAR research program was asked to produce two background posters: on their overall value for money proposition, and on their gender research.

View the value for money poster:

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