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Agrifood chain toolkit conference – researchers and practitioners unpack value chain analysis

Farmer educates value chain visitors

The CGIAR research programs on ‘Livestock and Fish’, and ‘Policies, Institutions and Markets’ recently joined forces to bring together nearly 60 participants interested in value chain analysis.

Meeting in Kampala, the event explored the challenges behind value chain analysis and sought to enrich the AgriFood chain toolkit.

Over the three days, the participants discussed a dozen value chain related stories, 11 posters on value chain analysis issues or specific tools and approaches, engaged in six learning events, and discussed four peer assist cases.

On the second day, participants visited five different sites – two sites in the pig value chain (Matuga-Wakiso and Mukono), two in the dairy value chain (Kiboga and Mityana) and one in the aquaculture value chain in Mukono. During this field trip, a subset of the value chain benchmarking questionnaire was used to interview producers, processors, traders and consumers (see the value chain toolkit).

After the trip, participants identified key challenges in value chain analysis before looking back at some of the tools and approaches developed as part of the AgriFood Chain Toolkit and providing feedback on how the benchmarking questionnaire worked.

This event is the first of a series on specific value chains in specific regions.

Contributed by Ewen Le Borgne

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