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Tanzania dairy master plan set to raise milk production to 6 bn litres

On 22 August 2013, Tanzania held a 2nd Dairy Development Forum (DDF) meeting in Dar es Salaam. Reporting from the meeting, the Guardian reported that the ‘Livestock and Fisheries ministry together with Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB) are in the process of framing a National Dairy Master Plan aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity in the sub-sector.’

Speaking in an exclusive interview after the Second National Dairy Stakeholders meeting on Friday, Prof Lusato Kurwijila said introduction of the master plan will give a chance to the dairy industry to increase production from the currently 1.8 billion liters a year to 6 billion liters in 2025.

Prof Kurwijila also said that the 6 billion liters of milk is what Kenya currently produces a year contrary to Tanzania’s 1.8 billion.

“Hence there is a need to ensure that the new National Dairy Master Plan is implemented soon so as to solve the challenges facing the industry,” he said.

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