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Livestock and Fish Nicaragua value chain development – next steps

After a 4-day exchange with various stakeholders from the Nicaraguan dual-purpose value chain, an internal meeting was held on 9 August in order to review workshop results and define the program’s next steps for implementation in Nicaragua.

Initial data collection, situational analyses, and monitoring and evaluation tool development were among the main follow up activities defined. Identifying key implementation partners at local, national, and international levels, developing strategic alliances, and focusing efforts towards an initial milk safety and quality approach were the proposed starting points.

Different program elements presented throughout the workshop, such as genetics and breeding, feeds and forages, human nutrition, and gender all comprise the development axes to be explored and strengthened through the program’s interventions.

Targeting is another theme that will receive special focus. Taking the situational analysis as a starting point, trends analyses will be conducted to assess market scenarios, implications for the competitiveness of the pro-poor sector, environmental impact, and systems development from on-farm practices to market challenges and opportunities.

Identifying synergies with implementation partners and other CGIAR research programs is also a priority in defining the program’s next steps in Nicaragua.

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