Livestock and fish program portfolio reviewed: Tackling smallholder farmers constraints

In June, researchers and partners from CGIAR research programs, including Livestock and Fish, discussed ways to tackle the main constraints smallholder farmers face. The discussion were part of engagement sessions between CGIAR programs and donors and external stakeholders.

“Tom Randolph, director of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish stressed that the value chain approach is a good way to gather all stakeholders towards Intermediate Development Outcomes… Apart from the smallholder farming community, ‘clients’ of each CRP could be the development sector, the agribusiness sector to facilitate a market-oriented development, other CRPs, and government and national research, extension and education services.

By engaging from the start with development partners and decision-makers, this will help scale up promising innovations.”

The Livestock and Fish CGIAR Research Program phase II research plans, flagship projects and the program’s intermediate development outcomes were presented and reviewed at the meeting.

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See the program’s presentations made at the event:

CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish: Phase II ideas

More meat, milk and fish by and for the poor: Stakeholder engagement for next phase of the Livestock and Fish program

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