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WorldFish and CARE partner to improve livelihoods in Egypt

Women selling farmed fish on the roadside in Egypt

In recent years, Livestock and Fish program partner WorldFish works with CARE – a leading humanitarian organization – on projects to improve livelihoods in developing countries. This collaboration includes work in Egypt and Bangladesh (with the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems).

In Egypt, linked with the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish, CARE is working with WorldFish on a project to improve employment and income through the development of Egypt’s aquaculture sector. According to CARE staff in Egypt, this collaboration between organizations has benefited from a shared vision. Susan Nour, Initiatives Manager at CARE Egypt, describes WorldFish as a “natural partner” for this reason. “In this project we have aligned around the objectives and our understanding of the approach and methodology that WorldFish is using – bottom up, poor-focused and the interest WorldFish has in listening to CARE’s point of view and the commitment to development. We also seem aligned on building capacity and empowering marginalized communities.”

CARE Egypt Country Director, Kevin Fitzcharles, and Assistant Country Director, Hazem Fahmy, agree, adding that the research element that the WorldFish brings to the partnership is of great value. “There is a rigour in the evidence-based approach used by WorldFish that makes CARE work better grounded,” they note.

Beyond this concrete collaboration in Egypt, CARE and the Livestock and Fish program have other links and connections.

In October 2012, Susan Nour contributed to a pre-conference session on ‘Mobilizing AR4D partnerships to improve access to critical animal-source foods’ at the Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD).

Jemimah Njuki, Global Coordinator for Pathways, CARE’s Women in Agriculture program is a member of the program’s Science and Partnership Advisory Committee

Download WorldFish annual report on its work in 2012

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