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Adapting and adopting improved animal feeding systems in Southeast Asia

Until recently, livestock husbandry in  Vietnam’s Central Highlands was not very productive. Animals were intermittently sold to free-up cash to put towards weddings or large purchases, and the rest of the time they were left free to graze on native pasture and crop residues. To help revitalize these livestock systems, researchers at CIAT have been testing different kinds of improved forages and developing improved management strategies with farmers.

The ‘cut and carry’ systems introduced confine cattle to lots and provide them with high quality feed from nutritious forages such as varieties of elephant and napier grass, brachiaria and stylo. Also, farmers are encouraged to invest in more productive crossbreeds that respond better to the improved nutrition.

A recent CIAT news item tells the story of the work done by the CIAT-led Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam Livestock Project (CLVLP) which promotes the adaptation and adoption of improved livestock production systems in neighbouring provinces across the area known as the Cambodia-Lao-Vietnam Development Triangle.

The CLVLP is part of the Livestock and Fish research program and its feeds and forages platform.

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