Mapping Livestock and Fish country research sites

A unique feature of the CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish is its focus on 8 carefully selected value chains with the potential to generate lessons and outcomes that will transform these value chains and can be applied elsewhere. These research-to-use value chains in different countries in Africa, Asia and South America have a great potential to improve the productivity of small scale livestock and aquaculture systems.

Site selection has been successfully carried out in the Uganda smallholder pig, Tanzania smallholder dairy, Ethiopia smallholder ruminants, Egypt smallholder tilapia and Vietnam smallholder pig value chains, using well tested methodologies. Research activities in some of these value chains began last year and the site section and research activities in other value chains are ongoing.

Click here to view the locations

The specific locations in these countries have been mapped to show where we are working and to open up collaboration opportunities. Sites have generally been selected using the following criteria:

  • Current and potential livestock and fish densities
  • Market access
  • Poverty distribution

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