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Egypt research on tilapia aquaculture reports improved results through genetic improvements

The importance of aquaculture production in Egypt has been increasing rapidly in the past decade, especially tilapia aquaculture, which accounts for about 55 per cent of the total aquaculture production in the country. To meet the growing population needs for animal protein, Egypt has to realize the potential to further increase tilapia aquaculture production.

Recent research from the WorldFish Center and national partners (published open access in Aquaculture Research) concluded that the  ‘Abbassa’ improved line of Nile tilapia is more productive than the ‘best’ commercial strain currently in use in Egypt – it is ready for release to the tilapia industry in Egypt.

Information on the project: ‘The establishment of a national breeding program for genetically improved Nile tilapia and the development of models for private and public sector partnerships for seed multiplication and distribution

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