Livestock and Fish program seeks to go to scale with partners

The Livestock and Fish program has ambitious goals – to transform selected whole value chains to benefit poor producers and consumers. It is integrating technological, institutional, market and value chain interventions to accelerate pro-poor livestock and aquaculture development and achieve impact at scale. Effective partnerships with development actors are critical to the success of this approach.

Program director Tom Randolph recently featured in a CGIAR news item on partnership and development impact. He identified some of the challenges the Livestock and Fish program faces in working closely with development actors to identify and test solutions for pro-poor transformation of value chains for animal-source foods. The idea is that the development actors can then take these solutions to scale in large interventions, backed by continued research support.

On 27 October, the Program is organizing a pre-conference meeting at GCARD2 – discussing ‘Mobilizing AR4D partnerships to improve access to critical animal-source foods’

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