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Raising dairy cattle – manuals and other useful resources

Mozambican cows and rainbow Here we provide links to some useful manuals and guides to raising dairy cattle. Add your resource by clicking the ‘comment’ feature on this post.

Feeding dairy cattle in East Africa
This manual synthesizes and simplifies the information on feeding dairy cows for the farmer, extension worker and student. Whereas the information has been synthesized in such as way as to be applicable to the East African region, some information may be site specific, and in some instances information that is generalized may need to be customized to suit specific areas. The manual covers information on the basic nutrients a dairy cow requires, the available feed resources that provide these nutrients and practical aspects of feeding the animals.

Dairy cattle husbandry: More milk through better management
This Agrodok provides information about the main aspects of dairy farming in the tropics such as feeding, breeding, health care, reproduction and recording. It is meant for smallholders with some education and some knowledge about dairy cattle. The second target group are technicians like extension and animal production officers, who as advisers can assist smallholders planning to start or improve milk production.

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