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Joachim Otte on the livestock fish research proposal

In mid-September, we submitted the ‘livestock-fish’ research proposal to the CGIAR. Before submitting the proposal, we had asked FAO’s Joachim Otte to provide a last review. Here are his comments:

Thanks for sharing the MP3.7 proposal. I think that overall the proposal could make a stronger case under ‘what’s new’ about the program in that it is an evolution from the ‘farming systems’ to a type of ‘food systems’ approach and that it is market and outcome-driven and thereby seeking innovative partnerships and partnership arrangements with research
AND development actors facilitating interaction between the two.

Flicking through the second half of the proposal with the individual VCs I did not see any specific reference to the engagement of women in the chain while they feature prominently in the first part. If this is not just an oversight on my
part perhaps something to be redressed.

In any case, congratulations on this herculean task of putting something of this magnitude together in such a short time!!!


Watch a video interview on value chains with Joachim Otte

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