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Week-5 Question 4: Building a learning orientation

What kinds of participatory Partnership Monitoring and Evaluation methods would help build a learning orientation in the program (through the working groups and innovation platforms)?

What would be some indicators of changes in the habits, practices and behaviours of the partner organizations and individuals – including the CGIAR – that support innovation in value chains?

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5 thoughts on “Week-5 Question 4: Building a learning orientation

  1. Collaborations with various national and local organizations of different expertise can be of help. This is to allow others to share their innovative mind on the process and may suggest the best way to do. They could interacts and come with the ideas generated through the contribution of experts. Key players should be included in the process also.

    When the partnerships understand the needs of its target clientele and seeing them doing technologies shared on their own in uplifting their economic life can used as an indicator.

  2. The need to accumulate credible knowledge on what works, what does not, and why.
    In the case of our country, each year research are carried out but what value does it added to the economy and how innovative is it on the value chain.
    Forming an innovative networks that strengthens easy access to information by all on the value-chain; will go a long way in improving stronger collaboration.

  3. Establishing collaboration and partnerships with all stakeholders at the initial stage will encourage joint M&E strategies to be developed to facilitate the achievement of the project objectives

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